Teaching Strategy

I dedicate my time to each student I work with by engaging with each student during sessions, and using diagnostic tools to provide targeted lessons to assess student progress after sessions. The general approach I utilize falls into three stages:

Step 1: Identify

In the first few sessions, I gauge a student's abilities and find areas to work on to improve. In the short term, I focus on improving grades and helping improve understanding of current material/topics from class.

Step 2: Personalized Practice

As I continue to work with students, I use various assessment tools and provide targeted practice assignments for students to improve fundamental skills and fill in knowledge gaps.

Step 3: Independent Learning

Long-term students continue to work on fundamentals with consistent review, and I continue to work with these students to develop the right growth mindset and appropriate study habits so they can understand how to find and improve weaknesses on his or her own.

Academic Services


General Tutoring

Tutoring for general subjects in math and science. Each session can include homework assistance or review of difficult material. Sessions can also include review in preparing for quizzes, tests or exams. I provide personalized practice as necessary for students to improve grades and develop strong conceptual understanding of the course material.




Advanced Placement

Tutoring for challenging AP courses covers traditional general tutoring by assisting students with understanding course material, homework assistance and test review.

In addition, I incorporate AP exam practice questions into regularly scheduled sessions and more rigorous review before the exam.




Test Prep

Test Prep tutoring includes all review and practice for college preparatory exams including ACT, SAT and SAT Subject exams. 

In addition, each student is given an initial diagnostic assessment of skills and a detailed study plan to help focus on improving scores. Regular practice exams are also provided and assessed to check progress and allow students to improve test taking strategies and timing.

       $45/HR                                $60/HR                             $75/HR